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SportsBook at Casino Del Sol

One Way led a big change at Casino Del Sol by transforming a 4,000-square-foot Multipurpose Room/Convention Center into the impressive SolSports SportsBook. This project started with tearing down everything, cleaning the space from floor to ceiling and walls to walls. They room was completely redesigned in every aspect, including new finishes and furniture, and custom-built strong structures to hold advanced TV monitors. We also took care of the engineering and making the entire bar face and bar tops to smoothly include Bar Top Gaming Machines. Attention to detail was crucial in creating all the cabinetry and workstations to make gaming transactions easy. The project included installing new flooring, ceilings, and electrical systems to ensure a top-notch sports betting experience. One Way's expertise resulted in the dynamic and fully equipped SolSports SportsBook, now a standout destination within Casino Del Sol.


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