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Sewailo Golf Course
Pump House

The Sewailo Golf Course Pump House project was a complex undertaking that centered around the construction of a new pump house structure situated atop an existing slab. This pump house served as the central hub for all the irrigation system pumps, playing a critical role in maintaining the lush greens and landscapes of the golf course. The design of the pump house, particularly its east elevation, was meticulously planned to seamlessly integrate the large irrigation piping that ran into the building. This specific aspect of the design was vital for ensuring the efficient and uninterrupted flow of water required to support the golf course's irrigation needs. The east elevation's strategic design not only accommodated the substantial infrastructure but also optimized accessibility and functionality, underscoring the project's commitment to precision and efficiency in meeting the course's irrigation demands. The successful execution of this project not only showcased engineering expertise but also highlighted the intricate coordination and attention to detail essential in delivering such a vital infrastructure component for Sewailo Golf Course.


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