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Employee Dining Room Remodel at Casino Arizona

In 2015, One Way was selected to do a full remodel of the Employee Dining Room (EDR) at Casino Arizona. The primary focus was to completely transform everything from the cooking area to the dining space. We expanded the cook line and introduced a brand-new WOK grill, while also updating the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems with modern technology. We installed a new hood and a fire suppression system, along with a fresh grease duct and roof exhaust fan. The cooking zone got a Protect-All flooring upgrade, and the serving and dining areas received a new polished look using LVT flooring. We added a new beverage/condiment wall and counter, along with sleek finishes throughout the serving and dining sections. Additionally, we oversaw the kitchen equipment contractor for the Owner, who handled the heavy-duty kitchen gear. The EDR Remodel was a comprehensive renovation, elevating Casino Arizona's dining space to a top-notch level.


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