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Arizona Grill at Casino Arizona

Casino Arizona's Arizona Grill has undergone a remarkable renovation, evolving into a 5,000 Sq. Ft. upscale restaurant and music venue. The project involved demolishing the existing patio area and constructing a brand-new shell, complete with a stylish interior build-out. A highlight of the upgrade is the addition of a stunning exterior decorative water feature, creating a captivating atmosphere for guests to enjoy. 

Despite the significant changes, the construction was strategically managed adjacent to the casino's main entrance, ensuring seamless access for all guests throughout the process. The result is a sophisticated dining experience combined with live music performances in a chic setting, providing an unforgettable destination for visitors to savor. 

Casino Arizona's commitment to elevating the guest experience is evident in the Arizona Grill's transformation. Whether you seek delectable cuisine or an immersive music experience, the revitalized Arizona Grill awaits to exceed your expectations with its new and improved offerings. 


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